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SAP File Explorer- Overview

Updated May 18, 2018

With SAP File Explorer I tried to mimic the Windows Explorer in the SAP environment.

It’s main purpose is to access the server system files using the SAP GUI, much in the way transaction AL11 does but with a friendlier user interface.

This is a testing tool and not much effort was put in the authority issues, so you may want to consider some changes in this if you plan to use it otherwise.

Some other considerations regarding this tool As a testing tool it hasn’t undergone a serious or extensive testing procedure yet so, some polishing may be required as well.

Also, as the main reason for working with files in SAP is to interface with external tools and providers, this tool main purpose is to function as a F4 Help Input to other applications, and that’s the reason why I created it as a function module. And as it uses SAP HTML controls it will only work on frontend platforms on which Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 (or higher) is installed, and as it was created in release 6.20, compatibility issues may arise in previous releases regarding the GUI controls.

PART 1 – Using SAP File Explorer Introducing SAP File Explorer GUI

The tool consists of a function module that can be called with no parameters passed or by passing a defined path like for example “/tmp/” for an UNIX or AIX system or “c:temp” for a Windows system.

The default path will always be the root and the desired displayed path will be shown as a child of the root dir in the respective sequence.

Initiating the test for example in the Function Modules test environment, passing the path “/tmp/ADM/”.

PART 2 – Create SAP File Explorer

SAP File Explorer consist of a function group with a single function module that calls a single screen.

I kept this screen as simple as possible as well, it’s a modal dialog box and consist of a single custom control named CCONT01

The sizes where calculated to the best fit within the screen with the docking container, and are the same for the screen and the control.

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