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SAP SCM 5.0 Upgrade

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SAP SCM 5.0 Upgrade

1) SAP GUI must be upgraded to 640 Patch 21
2) Run /SAPAPO/ADV_UPGRADE_50 program to check macro compatibility

3) All transports in APQ must be released Verification Only
4) Run RSRV to check number ranges Run RSRV
5) Check number range for infoobject 0REQUID - OSS 961512
6) Execute RSMDCNVEXIT Conversion to Consistent Internal Values - OSS 447341

7) Create number range interval for object IB_SYM_ID in 000 and 001 (SNRO - see note 203446)
8) Allow multiple values for CDP data in 000 and 001 o1cl - see note 699162
11)Run /SAPAPO/PPM_UTC_PREPARE_DATA02 and convert all PPM's in 000 and 001
12)Run /SAPAPO/PPM_UTC_PREPARE_DATA01 and set status (yes) in 000 and 001
13)Backup DP Planning Area's
14)Validate Planning Area backups
15)Check SNP, DP, and PPDS job streams to make sure they completed successfully
16)Run consistency checks OM17, /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_REORG & /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK

17)Enter DDIC user for the RFC connection to BW OSS 961512
Basis performs upgrade
19)Check that user exits are active
20)call transaction SPAU to adjust modifcations to repository objects
21)Regenerate IMG click on binoculars in IMG and refresh
22)Run /SAPAPO/RCIFRESTART to restart stuck queues
23)Run CIF_DELTA for some same plant prod's
24)Live Cache VALIDATION (Orders and Inventory) - STO, Sales Orders Spot checking data against R/3 data
25)Run program /SAPAPO/SCC_WORKAREA_ACTIVATE OSS 621192 - Select "retain work area"
26)Adjust recreate variants /SAPAPO/RLCDEL, /SAPAPO/TS_PAREA_INITIALIZ
27)Adjust PA datasources - /SAPAPO/TS_PAREA_EXTR_DS_CHECK OSS 684929
28)Activate delivered objects - /SAPAPO/TS_D_OBJECTS_COPY OSS 684929
29)Activate Infocubes - run report RSDG_CUBE_ACTIVATE OSS - 588986 Choose Object Version D in section Infocube: Options.
30)In Transaction SE11, check whether the 'Initial value' indicator is set for the MAINTPROG and USERAPP fields of the RSTSODS table - if it is not set, proceed as described in Note 914536. OSS 906789
31)run the RSSM_HASH_ENTRIES_CREATE report for all requests (using the corresponding parallel processing). OSS 906789
32)run the RSSTATMAN_CHECK_CONVERT_DTA and RSSTATMAN_CHECK_CONVERT_PSA reports (also using sufficient parallel processing). OSS 906789
33)Activate update rules and transfer rules use program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL for transfer rules
34)Validate that R/3 and APO partner profile agreements are active (WE20)
35)Change partner profiles status to A (Active) in Classification tab(WE20)
36)Validate Remote infocube system assignments RSA1
37)Recreate Indexes and Stats on DP Planning Area backup infocubes RSA1
38)Repair sourcesystems in APO and BW RSA1
39)Activate macros by running ZZZ_MACROS_CONS_CHECK OSS 768433
40)Validate validity dates for Time Horizon on the Storage Bucket Profiles, Resources, Planning Areas and Calendars
41)Delete timeseries on DP planning Area's
42)Deactivate DP MPOS's Taking Demand Planning Down
43)Ensure that the fixing and locking functionality is set correctly for the DP planning areas before starting the restore
44)Activate the Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS's)
45)Build Indexes and Stats for MPOS's
46)Re-build the variants for creating CVC's
47)Generate the CC's based off of the backup cubes
48)Build Indexes and Stats for MPOS
49)Create Time Series objects for PA (initialize planning area)
50)Turn off Livecache logging
51)Load DP planning area's from backup infocubes
52)Run planning area consistency checks, /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_CONS_CHECK, /SAPAPO/TS_LCM_REORG
53)Turn on Livecache logging
54)Deactivate compatibility mode for macro books with yellow lights SCM 5.0 Upgrade Guide
55)Convert the note anchor tables- /SAPAPO/TS_NOTES_CONVERT_40 with 'Check Note Anchors' option. OSS 588986
56)If inconsistencies are found on the step above, then this program needs to be executed. /SAPAPO/TS_GEN_DOCTAB_CHECK OSS 588986
57)Run upgrade report for Lifecycle Planning /SAPAPO/RMDP_FCST_LC_UPGRADE OSS 588986
58)Create Variants for Proportional Factor Jobs, then execute the program and validate that they were created correctly.
59)Adjust existing planning board profile for PPDS OSS 644295
60)Update TLB - run /SAPAPO/TLBPRF_TRANS OSS 707828
61)Modify infoobjects 9AMATNR and 9ALOCNO to include med txt instead of short txt RSA1