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Serial Number For Component

I have a FG (A/C) which has a serial number. This A/c has a compressor in its BOM.

The client requirement is to link the compressor to A/c using serial number. So, I maintain serial number profile for the compressor also. But when I do mfbf (backflush) for the A/c, the system asks only for the serial no. profile only for the A/c & not for the compressor. How do I link the two?

You can assign componenets (with serial nos.) to assembly ( also with serial nos.) with COIB after goods receipt.( Menu path --Logistics -> Plant maintenance -> Management of technical objects -> Installed base -> Create (special) -> With reference to production data.)

Example: Say assembly sr. no. is 1
And components serial no. are- 1,5,10,20 and so on.

After assignment of components it can be viewed on right part of screen, You can have the assignment history--- ie for which assembly no. which components are assigned or vice versa. In production order i.e in descrete mfg. it can be directly done at the time of operation confirmation.

The following is the detail steps:
1. T code--COIB
2. Enter material code ( Assembly). You can select specific serial no. of assembly --- by putting sr. no. in serial no. field.
3. Click on list tree- you will find all assembly with serial numbers.
4. Click on explode-- it will show the BOM ( in bottom left corner of screen)
5. Select the assembly numbers for which you want to assign the componets
6. Clik on tranfer
7. Select the component
8. Also select the assembly no. on right side screen.
9. Select the serial no. which you want to assign to an assembly
10. Click on assign
11. You will find all the components will get assigned to assembly with serial numbers.
12. Now on right side screen there is "save" button. ( It will ask you create/ change as built in foreground or background?
13. Select as foreground
14. Save
15. You will find a message at the borttom --- saved.
16. Now you will find tick mark ( in front of assembly material) in right part of screen ( indication of assignment of components)