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Shipping Cockpit FAQ's

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Shipping Cockpit FAQ's

The Shipping Cockpit consists of the two Web Dynpro applications: 

  • Shipping Cockpit Planning (SCOP) and 
  • Shipping Cockpit Execution (SCOE)

In the SCOE, I select my TU; for some assigned deliveries, I see an error icon in column “Partial Assignment to TU.” What does this mean and can I still continue to process my TU in the SCOE?

Yes, you can still continue to process these TUs in the SCOE. You can use almost all functions provided by the SCOE: You can monitor the status of TU. You can also perform most actions like "Arrival at Door," "Close TU" or "Departure from Checkpoint" and, you can navigate to the reference documents.

The error icon in column "Partial Assignment to TU" means, that the delivery is not assigned to the TU on delivery header level, but rather on the HU or delivery item level. This situation can occur, for example, when you have executed the action "Close TU" on TUs with assigned deliveries that have not been loaded completely. For more details, see the field help for the column "Partial Assignment to TU."

Be aware that the SCOE is optimized for the usage of TUs with delivery header assignments. This means that the status values and key figures of the outbound delivery orders are always calculated and aggregated on delivery header level. Breaking this down on the level of partial assignments would significantly increase the runtime.

The affected status values are:

  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Stage
  • Load
  • Goods Issue
  • Distribution

The affected key figures are:

  • Number of HUs
  • No. of HUs to Pack
  • No. of HUs to Load
  • No. of HUs Loaded
  • Pick WT
  • Open Pick WTs
  • Confirmed Pick WTs
  • Items Without WT

Can I assign HUs or delivery items to my TUs using the SCOP?

No, in the SCOP it is only possible to assign outbound delivery orders to TUs on delivery header level.