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Terminations with the Error MESSAGE_TYPE_X, Error RU803/RU805

Generally, the termination does not take place because of a program error. The main reasons for the settings for posting the goods movements or the scheduled jobs in relation to this are responsible.

For every data constellation, there are no settings which deliver an optimal approach. We advise you to contact a PP consultant regarding this.

Ideally, the termination takes place once a process that writes AFFW data records is initiated when another such process is already in ac active status.

Which all processes are these?

  • Manual posting in COGI, CO1P, CO16N
  • If the "Immediate Update" indicator is active in transaction CI41, goods movements from the subsystem.
  • With immediate process control in update mode, goods movements via confirmation.
  • The Scheduled jobs and these processes should be reconciled in such a manner that there are no overlaps.

Listed below are some basic recommendations:

  • The goods movements should be posted in completely decoupled form, if the goods movements are posted using a BAPI. SAP doc208477 List the settings.
  • Incase, you are using a subsystem (PDC, interface) for posting goods movements, the "Immediate Update" indicator may throw up issues. You need to check carefully whether this setting makes sense for you. Incase, you don’t receive data from the subsystem in packages, the we generally recommend, you don’t set this flag and instead schedule the program CORUPROC1.
  • You should ideally schedule the update of incorrect goods movements less frequently than the update of flagged goods movements. Therefore, you don’t update everything utilizing the program CORUPROC on each and every occasion.

SAP doc2519125 introduces the new parameter P_OFFEST, and these generally leads to a significant improvement. The scheduled jobs and processes should typically be checked and the value of the parameter P_OFFSET in the used variants also may require adjustment.