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Timestamp Difference between RWB and SXMB_MONI

Updated May 20, 2018

SXMB_MONI(ABAP) vs Runtime Workbench(Java)

Hello SAP Experts,

Why there is a timestamp difference between SXMB_MONI(ABAP) and Runtime Workbench(Java) for any message?

The issue can be regenerated by following:

  1. First execute a scenario
  2. Then check the timestamp of the message generated from executing scenario with the help of transaction SXMB_MONI (Monitor for Processed XML Messages in ABAP).
  3. Now check the timestamp of the same message generated from executing scenario with the help of SAP XI Process Integration Tools - Runtime Workbench (Java stack).


  • 12 Apr 2017 3:17 pm Chandan Singh Parihar Helpful Answer

    In order to resolve this issue please check if you have set the expected time zone at OS level in Windows: Control Panel -> Date & Time -> Time Zone

    And if you have already set this you can overwrite the timezone of the Java server by setting a parameter in the Config Tool as described below:

    1. First Open Config Tool.
    2. Now select 'Cluster-data->InstanceXXX->serverXXX'
    3. Now under 'Java parameter ' please add this line '-Duser.timezone=[The time zone you desire].
    4. Now click 'Apply changes'
    5. And at last re-start the server
  • 12 Apr 2017 3:18 pm Sugandh Helpful Answer

    The issue mentioned above is caused because the system first tries to get the time zone information from the logged in user and if that is not maintained then the system uses the default time zone from the Java VM as a fallback.