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Transaction code SE14.

09 Apr 2013 1:09 pm || 0

SE14: The database utility is the interface between the ABAP Dictionary and the relational database underlying the R/3 System. The database utility allows you to edit (create, delete and adjust to changes to their definition in the ABAP Dictionary) database objects derived from objects of the ABAP Dictionary.

You can call the database utility from the initial screen of the ABAP Dictionary with Utilities -> Database utility (Transaction SE14). The initial screen for the database utility appears.

SE14 is used to activate and adjust the database table and  delete database table. Tcode SE14 is used to maintain the changes to the custom table that you had created. When you do some changes in database table, like adding additional fields or removing fields for a table in se11, then you need to adjust using SE14.

For e.g : You are creating a ztable with 5 fields and activate and maintan the table with some new entries in it. Now if you got a requirement to add a new filed or remove the existing field from the ztable then you will use the option called Database Utility.
For this we go to SE14 and there is one button 'Activate and Adjust Table'. On clicking this Button the changes of key fields are reflected successfully.

This option will adjust the new structure that you had changed/added into the database so that it can place the data in the appropriate fields.

Normally when you change something and activate the table then if there is some problem a pop-up will show all the errors and messages and at the bottom it will ask you to Run SE14 and adjust the table. For doing the adjustment there are two radio buttons in SE14.

  • Save Data
    If you just want to adjust the table then radio button 'Save Data' must be used.
  • Delete Data
    If you want to delete data from the table use must use the Delete Data options in SE14.