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Transaction COGI Interview Questions and Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

Why don’t the number of entries in the table AFFW not match the number of entries in transaction COGI?

It is unfair to make such a comparison. Firstly, transaction COGI displays accumulated records when the user uses the standard setting and secondly, the table AFFW also comprises of the future change records, for instance, Future change records are meant for:

  • Transaction CO1P
  • Transaction CO16N

In CO16N, one can update the confirmations, because the errors have to be processed. If the automatic goods movements come from these confirmations, then the AFFW records with the indicator AFFW-INACT = X result. These records are processed automatically incase the confirmations are processed in CO16N.

Transaction COGI contains the error records, however there is no confirmation for them. Where do these records originate from?

These error records are picked.

I can see error messages which are difficult to comprehend, during postprocessing of incorrect goods movements with transaction COGI, for which I cannot see any option for postprocessing. How shall I proceed?

You need to verify the error message is described in SAP doc 545749 and/or reach out to your SAP consultant for the same.

Why is there no automatic batch determination called within transaction COGI?

This behavior links to the SAP standard system. Transaction COGI generally does not call an automatic batch determination; and cannot be set using Customizing. In case you need a new batch determination, then you must do this manually in transaction COGI.

Why during postprocessing of data records in transaction COGI, all other selected data is also locked?

This behavior relates to the SAP standard system. During the process of postprocessing in transaction COGI, all the selected data is locked in the first step. This is important as the system accepts that the user needs all data to be postprocessed. You should execute the selection in COGI, in a manner that only the records which you want to be postprocessed manually are chosen. You shouldn’t carry out a mass update of data in the dialog box; rather than utilize the report CORUPROC.

How can you prevent deletion in COGI? The authorization object C_AFFW_DEL no longer works.

The authorization object C_AFFW_DEL is old and can no longer be utilized.

The method COGI_AUTHORITY_CHECK of the BAdI WORKORDER_GOODSMVT is meant for authorization checks during the postprocessing of incorrect goods movements. You can put in place your own authorization check there.

Can you log the actions in transaction COGI?

This function is unavailable in the standard system. With SAP docs 309050, 2048311, and 2048312, there is a modification provided which should be used only temporarily.

User needs to refer to SAP doc 1894587 in this context. This doc will provide a report for displaying and deleting the data records listed in the log table AFFWPRO.

Is it possible to only post the records that are previously marked, In postprocessing of goods movements with errors (transaction COGI)?

No, this is impossible. All selected records are saved when you save all the records, which comprises not only of the marked records.

This function doesn’t included in the standard system; and at present there is no modification available.