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Error 'Transaction program not registered' during connection test of Java Idoc adapter

Updated May 18, 2018

While doing the connection test of the RFC destination in receiver or sender ABAP system, getting an error 'Transaction program not registered'. We are using the Java Idoc adapter.

Please maintain the exact local gateway of Adapter engine in the RFC desinaton of sender or receiver ABAP system.

Please follow the below steps

Kindly use the local gateway for each IDoc_AAE resource adapter which is PI SCS gateway.

AEX should always be set to FALSE as the inbound RA LOCAL property refers to the local ABAP gateway on a dual stack system.

You can specify that by the two properties gatewayServer and gatewayService pointing to the SCS hostname and the SCS number respectively.

Please check as follows to make sure the exact local gateway.

Go to NWA-> Availability and Performance-> Resource Monitoring-> Jco Monitoring-> search Group Name: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_ and check the gateway host and service which the the program XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_ is registered on

Then change the gateway host and service in RFC Destination accordingly.

Then the connection test will success.