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Unit of Measure (UOM) in SAP MM

Updated Jun 15, 2021

What is Unit of Measure (UOM) and how to create it?

In SAP to measure the quantity of the material unit of measure is used. In other words unit of measure is used to express the quantity. for example, weight is a physical quantity. The Kilogram is a unit of weight that represents a definite predetermined weight.

There are 2 types of Unit of Measure (UOM)

Base Unit of Measure (UOM):

A unit of measurement that can be determined by taking one measurement without having to combine any other measurement. Length, mass, and temperature are examples of base units.

Alternative Unit of Measure (UOM):

A unit of measurement that is determined by combining one or more measurements. In short all units of measure other than the base unit of measure are referred to as alternative units of measure.

Steps to create Unit of measure (UOM)

  • T-Code to create Unit of measure is CUNI.

t-code CUNI

  • Goto SPRO->SAP Netweaver->General Settings->Check Units of Measurement.

SAP menu for UOM

  • ISO code is used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It is used for converting the SAP internal units of measurement into standard units of measurement.


  • The Dimension needs to be selected under which the Unit would be created

Select Dimension

  • The Create Button needs to be clicked.

Click Create Button

Add Details


  • Save it after maintaining as required.


  • 07 May 2018 7:39 pm Guest

    in a case where a material is 0.1kg, and the base unit of measure is EA will this be 0.1 ea?