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Vendor Blocked for Quality Reasons

Updated May 19, 2018

Getting error message while creating Scheduling agreement with one vendor:

Vendor blocked for for quality reasons
Message no. 06884
Quality Management has blocked this vendor as a source of supply for this material.

How to activate this vendor again?

Go to the relevant quality info record (QI02) and see if the vendor can be released there.

Go to the "Vendor master change TCODE 'XK02"....Once the vendor master is displayed ....go to the menu function "Extras-->Blocked data"..

On this screen ...there is a section at the end for "Block for quality reasons"...The field " Block function " must have been filled with some code like "99/**"....Just blank out this field and save the data and the vendor will be released.

However as a good practice you will like to check with the "Quality/Purchasing" department if they have knowingly blocked the vendor as receiving against a blocked vendor is not allowed in many companys...

So if you are sure you want to unblock the vendor ...then follow the said procedure above...

Is there a standard report for UD history statistic by vendor?

The output for transaction QA32 with suitable layout for the output can suffice your requirement.

As for the reports in Logistics Information System, the infostructure S068 maintains the consolidated monthly data and not on inspection lot leve (i.e. UD code wise consolidation). You can try to creating some new infosets or do the feasiblity study for this reporting using some customized flexible analysis.

You can also show your client the transaction MCVA and then on the result screen - goto - Extras - Inspection lots.

You can also make use of the Vendor Evaluation functionalities available. activate the automatic criteria 7 (Automatic determination from quality statistics: GR inspection) and then when you run the evaluation you can drill down the Quality score and access the UD's that influenced that same score.