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When do we use planning without final assembly strategy?

We have mainly MTS, MTO, planning with final assembly and planning without final assembly. Now when we are dealing with planning with final assembly, we would usually produce subassemblies (HALBs I guess) using make to stock, so do we use a planning strategy 70 for subassemblies and do a MRP run. To my knowledge I thought we run MRP only for final products (with final assembly) so in that case how would we plan for subassembly products.

I get to understand you are using strategy planning with final assembly. So you are using strategy 40 for the finished product.

Just to clarify certain things, MRP can be run for any it finished or semi finished or raw material. Actually when you run a MRP for the finished product using MD02, you are doing a multilevel run.

Secondly, when you are using 40 for the finished product you may or may not use any strategy for the semi finished goods. It depends on your business. If you are going to produce semi finished goods independent of the finished goods, you may have a make to stock strategy 10 (one of the many options) and produce them independent of the finished good requirement. Now when a requirement will be generated for the finished good and a MRP run will be taken, it will show that the Semi Finished is either in stock or a planned/production order exists and thus only the remaining quantity will be planned for (there is a better strategy existing for this type of a scenario.....

However if you do not put any strategy for the Semi Finished, then planned orders will be created for the Semi Finished for the same quantity as the orders created for the Finished goods.