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What is SAP BCM (Business Communication Management) and Its Strengths?

Definition - What is SAP BCM (Business Communication Management)?

SAP Business Communications Management also referred to as (BCM) is known as SAP's all-IP which is used in the fields of Commodity networking equipment and also provides open communications standards, along with being a communication solution which offers multiple channel support to all the users such as in email, chat sessions, phone, fax, sms and mobile. All the communication platforms which are congregated like BCM have off late been getting a lot of attention as these can be utilized for altering service centres and these provide an extra mile in the field of customer service.

SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) is today being very actively being used in a wide array of services especially more in the fields of real time monitoring, management and administration, directory services, presence services, voice mail services, IVR services. unified communications routing, and voice recording. Some of the scenarios where BCM has turned out very helpful across all communication scenarios such as enterprise telephony, mobile and personal telephony, outbound and inbound contact centres.

In inbound and outbound contact centres, BCM enables the monitoring of the agents from a quality perspective, allows operations to be viewed side by side for better compatibility and even allows the supervisors to listen as well as provide the relevant support for training, intervening and during escalations.

SAP BCM IVR enables recognizing the callers, reading the numbers in advance and providing relevant information, providing screen pop ups of all the information related to the customers, touch tone menu navigation, voice self-services which paves the way for increasing automation in services related to call handling skills.

SAP BCM also comes across as a very useful tool for online monitoring which enables real time adjustments and enhances the level of performance for agents. SAP BCM provides support during the deployment options provide support for hosting, cloud, and on premise support.

Strengths of SAP BCM (Business Communication Management)

  • The application is a very aggressive tool which provide an end to end solution for amalgamated communications.
  • The screen pop up feature is known as one of the major benefits which comes in with the SAP BCM (Business Communication Management).
  • By using SAP BCM the user can be rest assured that the maintenance cost is kept low and focuses on better interoperability.
  • A very tight integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP ensures a full multi-channel support in the presence of collaborative support which includes routing the tasks and even a push of blended analytics.
  • Global implementations are very well supported using SAP BCM


  • SAP BCM does not support predictive dialing which is an essential feature in the inbound and outbound contact centres.

SAP BCM has definitely made its way in the field of day to day technology, especially in the inbound and outbound contact centres, which need low on maintenance and fast technology, and all these are present here.