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Full Life Cycle Implementation in SAP

A full life cycle implementation for a company means that suppose a company want to Implement SAP in their organization then the process start form requirement gathering, analysis, solution design, mapping, Implementing.

For this entire development there are some phases like:

  1. Project preparation.
  2. Business blueprint.
  3. Realization.
  4. Final preparation
  5. Go live

These are all the phases which we have to follow while implementing SAP to a specific company. This we can also call as ASAP Methodology.

How to Show Full Life Cycle in your Resume.

In your resume you have to explain two things

  1. What your team have done in this project
  2. What is your role in this project?

1) What your team have done?

In this, you have to explain what your company have done and have to give then details of the company along with the SAP Version Like

  • Company Name
  • SAP Version
  • Oracle Version
  • Your team size
  • Your Team leader

2) What is your role in this project?

In this, you have to give the brief description what is your role in this project like On which modules you working and on which Transaction you are working.