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SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System)

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP IDES is a normal R/3 but with lots of DEMO data. The system that contains several sample companies typifying relevant business processes. It is simple to use and has a variety of master and transaction data, and is used for demos, online/classroom training, and presentations. Potential customers use IDES to trial and test software via Internet.

SAP IDES – the "Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System" in the R/3 System, represents a model company. It consists of an international group with subsidiaries in several countries. IDES contains application data for various business scenarios that can be run in the SAP System. The business processes in the IDES system are designed to reflect real-life business requirements and have access to many realistic characteristics. IDES uses easy-to-follow business scenarios to show you the comprehensive functions of the R/3 System. The focal point of IDES, however, is not the functionality itself, but the business processes and their integration.

Features of IDES

SAP manages IDES as any other regular business enterprise. It regularly updates the IDES data such as master data, transaction data and also the customization. The transaction data are generated in order to make sure that the information systems in all the areas have access to the realistic evaluation data. SAP also carries out the period-end closing and plan with different time-horizons. The latest functions available in the R/3 System are represented and documented by IDES scenarios. IDES provides the ideal way to learn about areas such as Product Cost Controlling, Activity-Based Costing, or integrated Service Management and Plant Maintenance.