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What are the activities goes in Go-live particularly ?

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What are the activities goes in Go-live particularly ?

1.What is the process of Deployment before deployments what the permission do we need to get and what phases of testing do we do wheather I am geting correct data or not from my DS-->CUBE-->REPORTS-->How do we prepare test case for this
and what are the activitys goes in real time project from this phases
i)Business blue print;
2)Realization phase
what are the real-time activitys goes in Realization phase
3)Testing or QA;
I)What type of testing will be done for SD,MM,PP,FI--SD--->DS-->DSO-->CUBE-->Multiprovider-->Report
ii)unit testing means what we will do (ii)Integration testing means what we do
-GO-Live and Support (How to Deploy from Realization -->Testing-->Go-live)
what all the activites goes in Go-live particularly I want clear Explanation can you take one Module as Example and explain me in detail so that it will be helpfull for me and after --GO-Live what kind of Support we will give for the client.
can you give me a Clear architecture of SAP/BI/BO PROJECT Like how it will be for SAP/BI/BO AND ECC Does it will be separate for BI AND ECC
and what are the terms do we use in deployments like rollouts.
(How to Deploy from Realization -->Testing-->Go-live)
Does we use Transports to Deploy
what will be the Role of SD,MM,PP Functional Consultants How they are helpfull for SAP/BI Technical Consultants. How the team size will be in project
do we deploy the reports from one enviroment to another enviroment and what are the approvals do we need to get before deployments and how many type of testing will be there in each phase what will be the team size in sap-bi project and how many functional consultants will be there and what will be the role of sap functional consultant in sap-bi projects what type of interactions will be for sap-bi technical consultants and sap functional consultants can any one give me clear step by step explanation how the deployments goes and what are the precations will be taken before deployments in real time
Type of Testing;
1)unit testing ( how they test)
what are the test case do they write before they test in DEV-->QA-->PRD
2) What is integration testing where they perform
3)can you give clear landscape of SAP/BI Project with clear explanation and how the landscape of the project will be like does it will be different for ECC AND BI
4)what type of issue do we face in an end to end implementation project
Can anyone explain me about all the questions in detail about it ??