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Addresses in Customizing: changes not possible

27 Mar 2008 6:51 am || 0

1. Solution for the first error cause (screen change without generating a message after saving on the address screen): :

The inconsistency can be corrected as follows:

a) Check whether the entry with key 'LET' exists in table TSADC. The 'Maintain' indicator must have the value 'X' in this case. You can maintain the table using Transaction SM31. As of Release 3.0, also by means of the IMG Transaction SADC (Customizing -> Cross-Application Components -> General Task Functions -> Address Management -> Maintain communication types).

b) Determine the address number of the address allocated to the organizational unit. This can be found in the "Address" field which is generally called 'ADRNR' and refers to the domain 'ADRNR'.

Example: The address for company code 4321 is specified in the T001-ADRNR field under the key T001-BUKRS = 4321.
You can display the contents of the respective table using Transaction SE16.
Further fields with address reference are:
Plants/branches                        T001W-ADRNR
Sales/ grps Address            T007F-ADRNR  (only 2.2 and 3.0)
                     Address tax office T007F-FAADR  (2.2 and 3.0)
Personnel areas                        T500P-ADRNR  (only 3.0)
Organizational unit: Transp.plan.points TTDS-ADRNR   (only 3.0)
Organizational unit: Sales offices      TVBUR-ADRNR
Organizational unit: Sales organiz.     TVKO-ADRNR
Organizational unit: Shipping points    TVST-ADRNR

c) Call the address maintenance Transaction SAD0, enter the address number determined above in the field provided (with leading zeros) and choose "Change".

Enter the value 'LET' in the "Communication type" field (SADR-STDCOM) in the maintenance screen that follows.
Fill any further required fields with useful values, if necessary.
Save the changes.

d) The inconsistency is now eliminated. Check whether you can now make the required changes to the address from the Customizing maintenance, and whether these changes are saved permanently.

e) In Release 2.1 and 2.2, it might be necessary to make a further table setting for the address maintenance Transaction SAD0.

If the error message SM306 "Maintain table TSAVT" is output after you have entered the address number and chosen "Change", maintain the table TSAVT using Transaction SM31.
Include the following entry:

Language: Your logon language

Version: Blank (SPACE)

Description: "Standard"

After saving the value with 'ENTER', the error message SM306 may no longer appear.
Upon completing Transaction SAD0, you can delete the entry from table TSAVT.

2. Solution for the second error cause (message SM810 or SM813 after saving on the address screen):

Change the number range interval ADRNR 01 as described in the OSS Note 25182 and then apply report RSADRNNR as described in the OSS Note 25182.
For this, you must use the latest version of report RSADRNNR as described in Note 25182 in order to consider the special inconsistency with message SM810/SM813.

This corrects the data inconsistency.

Additional explanation:
At the program position where error message SM810 is issued up to Release 3.1G, another error message ought to be issued.
The following modification is necessary for this:
Replace the message I810 in Include LSAD2U08 with the message I813. (approximately at line nnn).
Create the message SM813 with the text:
"Data inconsistency, address & in table SADRP. No change is possible"
This program correction is not absolutely necessary to correct the error since the misleading message SM810 does not normally appear, except for the described data inconsistency.
It is sufficent to correct the data inconsistency.
As of Release 3.1H this program correction is contained in the standard system.

3. Solution for the third error cause (Maintenance of business or private addresses of contact persons):

If only individual addresses are concerned, proceed as described in the solution for error cause one.
If several or many SADR records in field SADR-STDCOM do not contain any entry, create report ZRSADR27846 in your system and transfer the source code from the attached correction instructions 117861. After executing the report, all SADR records in the field SADR-STDCOM receive an entry and address maintenance will be possible again.
In addition, Note 122916 describes a correction which results in an s message after successful storage.