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Assign Authorization Object to User

Updated May 18, 2018

How to Assign the Authorization Object to User?


There are two methods for assigning an authorization to a user:

Assigning Authorization to User Directly

1) First, open SAP Easy Access menu than navigate to Business Explorer-> Manage Analysis Authorizations

2) Now please select User tab under Analysis Authorizations-> Assignment

3) Now select the user you want to assign the authorization and choose Edit.

4) Now there are two options:

  •  Under Authorization Selections please select single or multiple authorizations created previously. And then with the help of Insert, you can add the authorization to the list of assigned authorizations.
  • Select node in order to choose nodes for a hierarchy created previously for characteristic 0TCTAUTH under hierarchy maintenance. The authorizations will be available as virtual master data for characteristic 0TCTAUTH, you can group it hierarchically for creating thematic arrangements.

Important Point: The authorizations you inserted are selected therefore you can undo the incorrect entries immediately.

5) At last, save your entries.

Assigning Authorization to User Using Profiles

Another method to assign authorizations is by using the authorization object S_RS_AUTH. The entries in object S_RS_AUTH  are analysis authorization names, therefore, we can use role (General SAP NetWeaver user maintenance and general role maintenance ) in order to assign authorizations to a user.

All defined BI analysis authorizations are available in the input help for S_RS_AUTH authorization object. 

It is also possible to assign roles, in addition, to directly assigned authorizations.


  • 06 Jul 2010 10:57 am rekha Helpful Answer
    Authorization object cannot be assigned to user ,how ever can be assignedn manually in a role by using tocde pfcg.