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Database Refresh SAP Oracle

Updated May 18, 2018

Let us say there are three systems DEV, QAS and PRD existing in the landscape. The objects which are developed in DEV needs to be transported to QAS and PRD the objects behave differently in DEV, QAS and PRD.

Eg. A Small report which fetches monthly sales executes 1 Sec in DEV and in QAS where as in PRD it is consuming 30Min. PRD DB Size 1TB 2TB. The report is good in DEV and QAS but bad in PRD that means quality checks are failed.

So we need to copy the PRD (DATA files) system to QAS system from time to time to get proper quality done.

Similarly we need to apply patches, Kernel , add-ons in the landscape. We don't want any issues that crops up on the production system. So we will take a copy in QAS and apply before PRD.



Pre steps

Pre Steps on the Target system. It is required to keep the dependencies of the target system to restore them later i.e. after refresh.

Eg. After Refresh the target system QAS behaves like production System. Se we need to delete the source dependencies and restore the target dependencies, Users, RFC Connections, Batch Jobs, License, Printers, Roles etc.

1. Take a copy of them using transport requests, screen shots etc.
2. Generate the control file from source system. Delete the entire SAPDATA files.
3. Restore the database from Tape or Disk.
4. Create Control file with new database structure of QAS
5. Make the BTC Processes to 0, so that no background job is triggered
6. Start the system and restore the target dependencies

Pre-Steps for DB Refresh

1. Create the transport of copies by using SE01 and specify the following objects/ tables
And then we need to release the Transport of Copies.

- Copy the cofiles & datafiles in usr\sap\sid\trans
- Take the screen shots of SM59, BD54, DB13, SM37, AL11(All the SAP Directories), WE20 (IDOCS), SMLG, RZ12 (RFC SERVER GROUPS), RZ70 (Inorder to populate the backend system details to SLD), RZ04 (Operation Modes) SCC4, SPAM.

4. And then
We need to delete all the datafiles related to QAS system. data1, data2 etc. First we need to stop the oracle services the structure should remain same.

Directories like sapdata1.... sapdata..n, MirrorlogA, B, OriglogA, B

5. First Activity
After taking the backup of PRD server we need to generate control file.
> Alter database backup controlfile to Trace.
It will generate the Cntrl File under usertrace directory.
Copy the cntrl file to quality system and rename it as with .sql extension.

If it is offline backup the foldernames offline b.afd
online b.afd

See more about SAP BASIS


  • 03 Nov 2015 1:57 pm Guest

    Online backup nameing convenction is  " .and  , ex: buckup.and".

    Offline backup nameing cconvention is  "  .afd , ex: buckup.afd".