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How to View Locked Users in SAP?

Updated Jul 19, 2021

This tutorial explains how to view locked uses in SAP. There are various methods to view locked users in SAP which are explained below with screenshots.

View locked Users in SAP

Please follow the methods to view locked users in SAP:

Method 1:

Call t-code SU10 in SAP Command field


Click on Authorization Data and scroll down

Authorization Data

Next, select the User Lock field to set and click Execute (F8).


Method 2

Call transaction code SA38 in the SAP command field


Run the program RSUSR002. You will get a list of locked users.


Method 3

Execute transaction code EWZ5 you will get users with locked status


Method 4

Run transaction code in SA38 in SAP command field.


Run report EWULKUSR to get the list of locked user.

Method 5

Call transaction code SUIM in the SAP command field


 Next goto following SAP menu path:

User > User by Complex Selection Criteria >User by Complex Selection Criteria

Menu Path


User > With Unsuccessful logons

With Unsuccessful logons

Method 6

Call transaction S_BCE_68001402 in the SAP command field