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APB_ISR_CUST (ISR Scenario Customizing) in SAP

Updated Jul 28, 2023

APB_ISR_CUST (ISR Scenario Customizing) is a standard SAP transaction code in the package APB_ISR. It is accessible within R/3 SAP systems and is used for ISR Scenario Customizing in SAP.

To use this transaction in your SAP system, just enter it into the command input box located in the top left-hand corner and press Enter key.

Parameter Transaction

APB_ISR_CUST is a parameter transaction in SAP, which means it executes a different transaction code based on the parameter value provided. When you debug APB_ISR_CUST, you will observe that it actually shows a different transaction code being executed, depending on the parameter value. If the t-code specified within the parameter includes /, it indicates that the transaction will be called, and the first screen will be skipped.

This feature allows users to enter the transaction code with the / in the top-left command box to directly access the transaction without going through the initial screen.

Authorization of APB_ISR_CUST

To verify if you possess the necessary level of authorization to execute APB_ISR_CUST or any other transaction, you can use the t-code SU53 transaction. First, run APB_ISR_CUST as usual, and then immediately execute the /NSU53 transaction. This action will generate a report that displays all the authorizations that were checked during the execution of APB_ISR_CUST.

SAP GUI Support for T-code APB_ISR_CUST

When any t-code is created in SAP, the developers have the option to specify the supported SAP GUI interfaces. These interfaces can include SAP GUI for HTML, SAP GUI for Java, and the widely recognized SAP GUI for Windows.


APB_ISR_CUST (ISR Scenario Customizing) is a standard SAP transaction code that includes support for the HTML web-based GUI. With SAP GUI for HTML generates HTML pages for each screen, users can execute the transaction within a standard web browser, allowing flexibility in accessing SAP transactions from various devices without installing the traditional SAP GUI software.

However, it's important to be mindful of potential technical restrictions and incompatibility issues with certain browsers, which may impact the functionality of the transaction. To ensure a smooth experience, users should refer to official SAP documentation or support for recommended browsers and guidelines to address any known limitations or issues effectively.

SAP GUI for Java 

APB_ISR_CUST does not support the Java-based GUI. Unlike the SAP GUI for HTML, the SAP GUI for Java offers more controls, but it necessitates users to download and install a plug-in on their PCs, making it less popular than the SAP GUI for HTML. As a result, users often prefer the HTML-based GUI for its ease of access and compatibility across various devices without additional installations.

SAPGUI for windows

APB_ISR_CUST  does support the Windows-based GUI. The Windows GUI, also known as SAP GUI for Windows (WinGUI), is the most popular option, and users can execute transactions like APB_ISR_CUST using this interface. It provides a familiar and feature-rich graphical user interface for interacting with SAP transactions within the SAP GUI software installed on the user's Windows PC.

Note: To determine the supported GUI interfaces for a specific transaction code like APB_ISR_CUST, you can check the system documentation or consult with your SAP system administrator or Basis team. They will be able to provide information on which GUI interfaces are available and recommended for use with the given transaction code in your SAP system version.