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05 Jun 2018 6:13 am || 0


ATP_VBBE_CONSISTENCY report is a technical job which ensures the consistency in the aggregate table VBBE (open quantities/planning relevant in sales documents). This job is a successor of the report SDRQCR21, but with better and enhanced performance, adjusted for S/4 scope, a log persistence on database (table: VBBE_LOG) and dynamic packaging (on material and/or plant), if select options for material or plant are not used. 

ATP_VBBE_CONSISTENCY report reads all sales orders and deliveries with open quantities and then calculates the respective VBBE entries and compares with the available entries available on the database. If not started in simulative mode, all inconsistencies will be corrected. An error message will apperar, 

Note: if in case the number of inconsistencies found exceeds: (parameter error threshold / 1000) * total number of VBBE entries found.

While executing report ATP_VBBE_CONSISTENCY a message: "XY inconsistencies in VBBE Table corrected" is displayed. Is there any log available in order to review the corrected inconsistency?

You can find the log in table "VBBE_LOG", this log shows which orders have been corrected by the report. This log was considered/developed only for the development/support engineers.

Does the user need to delete or reorganize the entries in VBBE_LOG?

According to the decision taken by development, only the last 10 runs of report ATP_VBBE_CONSISTENCY plus the last simulation run should be persisted in the table -> No need to delete this table regularly.