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Renaming SAP HANA Schema

Updated May 18, 2018

How to Rename SAP HANA Schema

Hi SAP Experts,

Is it possible to rename a SAP HANA Schema? If yes then how can we rename SAP HANA Schema?

Please help me


  • 07 Sep 2016 2:01 pm Nitesh Singh Best Answer


    We cannot directly rename schema in HANA it is not possible but it can be renamed if we export schema as binary and import it with the "WITH RENAME SCHEMA"option. 

    Please follow the below steps to rename the HANA Schema

    1. Right click on the SCHEMA you want to rename and then select Export

    2. Click next

    3. Select BINARY as table format, please check "Including dependencies" & "Include data". Then     choose one of the offered export locations and click finish.​

     Note: The export location you choose should be an empty directory.

    4. Now open a new SQL command window and execute the statement: IMPORT "OBJECT" FROM 'PATH'. For example "Object" the Schema name is "SCHEMANAME" and the 'Path' is /Saphana/schema-export. So our statement looks like this:

    IMPORT "SCHEMANAME"."*" FROM '/Saphana/schema-export' WITH RENAME SCHEMA SCHEMANAME TO SCHEMANAME2. SCHEMANAME2 is renamed new schema name, in a new Catalog.

    5. At last we have to execute the statement via the green button or F8, and then refresh the Catalog list.