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Basic Concept of the DataStore Object (DSO) to Work.

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Basic Concept of the DataStore Object (DSO) to Work.

Hello Experts,

What all are basic concept of the DSO to work and why characterstics are assigned to keyfields and key figurs are assigned to datafields in DSO.

Thanks in advance.


  • 16 Dec 2015 12:46 pm Helpful Answer

    The basic concept of the DSO to work is , DSO acts as a table to find out delta mechanism in BW side. This is only the Object which has the facility in it so as to find out or do a comparison among the same records , we need a key field. Key filed indicates , based on which field your data has to be over written and this field should be a char which holds some unique number and this never be a KF because KF has the concept of Aggregation, suppose if you have kept KF as a key field then logically it is not the way to do a comparison of the records .. 

    I guess you are quite aware of delta management of DSO. See in change log of DSO, you will see Delta Images and the latest status for a record is Blank ( 0RECORD MODE).

    Hope this helps Thanks.

  • 16 Dec 2015 12:51 pm Helpful Answer

    In DSO the data is divided into key fields and data fields.

    Keyfields: in application system each and every transaction refers to unique column known as keyfields

    Ex: Doc No, Invoice No, Billing No

    Datafields: keyfields are known as always data fields, but the chars are not unique but still required with data should be taken as data fields.

    Ex: Sales Region,Sales Org etc.