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BI Publisher error in exporting in CSV format

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BI Publisher error in exporting in CSV format

Hi friends,

Do you have any idea on How to restrict prompt while exporting report in CSV format in BI Publisher.

Below the scenario:

Online BI Publisher report.

To Date: 10-30-2014 From Date: 10-30-2014

Bank Type Record Type
T1 A1
T2 A2
T1 A3
T2 A4

After exporting we are getting CSV file like below

From Date To date File Reference Bank Type Record Type
10-30-2014 10-30-2014 1 T1 A1
10-30-2014 10-30-2014 2 T2 A2
10-30-2014 10-30-2014 3 T1 A3
10-30-2014 10-30-2014 4 T1 A4

Note: We are not getting this problem while exporting in PDF and other format.

Please suggest a solution for this.


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