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Central User Administration ( Activating & De activating CUA )

CUA - Central User Administration .

Means we can centrally manage the users across the landscape . From one system we can manage all the systems user administration centrally .

The CUA setup system can be any system . ECC or SOLMAN . Usually SOLMAN is recommended because it will have the landscape details .

1. Both the CUA central client and child client must have an ALE user created for communication purposes .

For Eg : CUA_ADMIN should exist in all child systems for initial CUA setup .

2. In central system :

Create the new user CUA_ADMIN with role CUA_ADMIN_CENTRAL

CUA_<sid> for each child system and setup the user as "communications" user with role CUA_COMM_CENTRAL

3. In target or child system :

Create a new user CUA_ADMIN with role CUA_ADMIN_CLIENT .

Define Logical systems :

1. Goto Tcode SALE - Define logical systems

2. Create a new entry with the naming convention . <sid>CLNT<client>.

3. On the central system create an entry for the new client .

4. on the child system create an entry for both client and central system .

5. Assign logical systems to clients in both central and child .

Define RFC destinations ;

We have create these RFC 's on both central and child systems .




  • 16 Nov 2010 12:41 am Guest
    Steps are very clear and easy to understand. Thanks a lot