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Check the location where the history of t-codes is stored on OS level

While working on the SAP GUI system on your PC and later working on from your SAP id on another system you will notice that the transaction codes (t-codes) which are there in history will be the same on both the systems.

Now when searching for the table or a location where the t-codes are getting stored that we entered on the SAP command line in the SAP R3 system you will find how the Operating system stores the t-codes history from the SAP commands.

So let's first check the list of t-codes that we entered in the SAP command box. 

Log on to your SAP R3 system and check the history of t-codes on your SAP command field.


Now in this tutorial, we will learn to step-by-step process to find out the same list of t-codes history from the OS level.

How to check the history of t-codes from your local system?

Please follow the steps below to find the location where the history of t-codes used is stored in our local system:

Go to the Start menu on your computer and open the Run dialog box


Next in the search dialog box enter the command regedit and click OK


Now Registry Editor screen will get opened as shown in the image below.

Registry Editor

Next, expand the HKEY_USERS node.


Next, expand the selected node as shown in the iage below


Now navigate to the following path:

Software -> SAP -> SAPGUIFront

SAP GUI front

Now expand the SAPGUIFront go to Code.


Now the desired list of all t-codes that you have entered on the SAP command field in the SAP GUI system in that particular Computer will get opened.

T-codes list

Note: Copt the path therefore next time you can directly open the t-codes list and then compare it with your systems command field list.

Copy path