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Cleaning Up Update Terminates

Updated May 18, 2018


As a part of SAP House keeping job, SAP administrator needs to clean up update terminates periodically. It is important to note that deleting a live update could have serious consequences. Ensure that you are deleting the correct terminated update.


  • Login into the requested SAP system / client with administrative access.
  • Go to transaction SM13 or go through the SAP Menu: SAP Menu à Administration à Monitor à SM13 – Update.
  • You will see Update Records – Main Menu screen.
  • Enter the client number into field Client and the user id (for which the update needs to be deleted) in User. Click the Status as ‘Terminated’.Select the date and time if necessary.
  • Click on the green tick which is Continue (Enter) or press Enter
  • You will see a list of terminated updates with Status as ‘Err’
  • Select the update and click on Update Records à Delete à Single
  • Confirm the warnings and delete the update record.