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Difference between Composite Role and Derived (Single) Role

bharat || 18 Jan 2010 1:53 pm || 2

Hello Experts,

What is composite and derived composite role?

Thanks in advance.


  • 08 Dec 2010 10:31 pm Best Answer

    Hi Pal

    There is nothing as a derived composite role in SAP.

    Following are the different roles we find:

    1. Template role - Base role with the desired Authorizations as per the purpose of the role; with the organizational levels as Compnay Code, Plant, Sales Organization ... all set to * (all).

    2. Derived role - Role that is derived or inherited from the Template role. The only difference it has with the template role is that the organizational levels as Company Codes are restricted to a particualr value rather than *. Thus making any auth level changes to template role will affectt he derived roles automatically.

    3. Composite role - Its a collection of many derived roles or single roles. We cannot have a composite role inside another composite role. We can alos not have a composite role as a template role.

  • 26 Jan 2013 9:08 am
    May I know how many days are required to create single, derived and composite roles in SAP. What are the reasons for the assumption of the number of days