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How to Configure CCMS Custom Alert Monitoring Through Email

Updated May 18, 2018

Auto-reaction methods are automatically executed as alerts occur and to define them one need monitoring architecture. One can appoint the method CCMS_OnAlert_Email to MTE classes to his system due to SAP R/3 4.6A. One can be easily informed for any alert occurring in MTE Class by e-mail, pager or fax while you are offline from the Alert Monitor. CCMS_OnAlert_Email will automatically send an e-mail to a business workplace user in client 000 and an external e-mail address.

This process of sending e-mail will start within 5 minutes of alert occurring with a message text containing the same information (time, location, description, severity and color of alert) exhibited in the alert monitor.

One can easily configure CCMS Alert Monitor by configuring automatic alert notification. And for this you need to follow the simple steps given below:

Important Thing to Remember:  Before start sending e-mails or dial multiple pagers one must create a distribution list having the important data for the recipients.

Modifying the Auto-Reaction Method:

  • Call transaction RZ21 or choose CCMS → Configuration → Alert Monitor.
  • Go to the Methods group box, select Method Definitions and choose Display Overview.
  • Now select the method CCMS_OnAlert_Email and choose Edit Data.
  • Choose change mode with the Display « Change pushbutton, and choose the Parameters tab page.
  • Now fill the following fields: SENDER, RECIPIENT and RECIPIENT-TYPE ID.

Note: For external recipients one need to specify the address type R for client-specific sender and recipients in Parameter tab page. Copy the method definition of CCMS_OnAlert_Email, if anyone wishes to define different recipient to different alerts. For this, Select Method in list and choose Copy.

  • Save the Entries.

Assigning the Method to the Desired Node

  • Start the Alert Monitor using transaction RZ20 or choose CCMS → Control/Monitoring → Alert Monitor.
  • Start the desired monitor from the list by double-clicking it.
  • Select the desired node and choose Properties.
  • The Monitoring: Properties and Methods screen appears. The remaining procedure depends on whether one wants to assign the analysis method only to this particular node or to the entire MTE Class. Assign Analysis Method to Only this MTE.
  • Choose the Methods tab page and then choose the Method Assignment button.
  • The Monitoring: Methods screen appears. Choose change mode with the Display « Change button, and choose the Auto-Reaction tab page.
  • In the Method Assignment group box, choose the Method Name radio button and enter CCMS_OnAlert_Email in the associated field.
  • Save the entries.

Assign Analysis Method to the Selected MTE Class

  • Choose the name of the MTE class in the header data of the screen by double-clicking it, and then choose the change mode with the Display « change button.
  • In the Auto-Reaction Method group box, choose the Method Name radio button and enter CCMS_OnAlert_Email in the associated field.
  • Save the entries.