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How To Connect Numerous SAP Systems to One Gateway and Solve Complex Landscape?

Updated May 18, 2018

One can easily connect the numerous SAP Systems (ECC Systems) to one single gateway. For this one need to perform the following steps:

One need to connect all the services to different system by using “Manage SAP System Aliases”.

This will be completed by the following instructions:

Go to SPRO Then SAP Netweaver to Gateway and then choose Odata channel and after that Config and Conenction settings from that and then choose SAP netweaver Gateway to SAP System and finally go to Manage Sap system alias.

Mind one thing that you can create one more system connection or alias like, 1st ERP system and then 2nd ERP system with the software version default and local. After that select two clients within GW system and create 1 client for 1st ERP and another one for 2nd ERP. Now add services into Maint_Service to Client1 and move it towards 1st ERP System Backend client and also add services to Maint_Service to Client 2 and move it towards 2nd ERP System Backend Client. And finally activate the services.

Now you can notice that the Client 1 in GW System start interacting with 1st ERP System and Client 2 with 2nd ERP System. Here one need to note one more important thing that for UI front Launchpage url will be change as Client 1 or 2 will be connected in the Launchpage URL then the URL will be like: FioriLaunchpad.html?sap-client=2.

One can easily connect multiple ECC Systems to one Gateway or one GW for ECC Test and ECC PRD. And one can also get a complex SAP Fiori landscape like, CRM and ECC Apps over the similar Launchpad.