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Create customer/vendor BP with reference in S/4HANA

The feature 'Create By Reference'for  Customers and Vendor in t-code BP is available from 1610 FPS02 in S/4 HANA Landscape. The user wants to know how to create customer/vendor BP with reference to other customers/vendor BP in S/4 Hana. 


  • First, execute t-code BP.

T-codec BP

  • Now press the button Create ie Create Organization button.


  • Now choose customer/vendor BP roles like FLCU00, FLCU01, FLVN00, FLVN01 on the creation page. These features are only enabled for customer roles (DEB fieldset in TBD002) and supplier roles (KRED fieldset in TBC002).
  • And next click Create button in the popup

BP Roles

  • Now you will notice a new create button will be added Create with Reference. Press this button.

Create with Refernce

  • Now please enter the reference BP number and then press Enter. 
  • Now please choose the data you want to copy, and press the OK button Create with Reference

Note: The user can copy the sales organization/company code data via another customer and purchasing organization/company code data from another vendor. The reference data type is according to the BP role you have chosen.

BP Partner

  • Note: This feature is only allowed for BP creation mode. This implies that one the user create BP with reference in one role such as FLCU00 and save, the button 'with reference' will not be visible anymore when you try to extend another role such as FLCU01.