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Create Factory Calendar in SAP

Updated Mar 22, 2024

In this SAP Basis tutorial, the SAP users will learn the step-by-step procedure to create a new Factory Calender in their SAP Syste with proper screenshots.

What is Factory Calender in SAP?

The factory calendar in SAP consists of the number of working days along with the weekends and other holidays. The organization can make its business plans accordingly with the help of the factory calendar in SAP. The SAP system will advise if the work being planned by the organization is on a valid working day, weekend, or holiday.

The t-code for Maintaining Factory Calender is SCAL.

SAP IMG Path for Factory Calender

SPRO > IMG > Time Management > Work Schedules > Define public holiday classes

IMG Path

How to Create Factory Calendar in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to create a factory calender in SAP:

Enter t-code SCAL in the SAP command field and press Enter to execute it.


Next to the SAP Calendar: Main Menu screen, select the option Factory Calendar and click on change icon.


Now on the Change Factory Calendar: Overview screen, click on the Create icon.


Next on the Change Factory Calendar Details screen, enter the following details for the new factory details.

  • Factory Calendar Id: Update the two digits key that defines the factory calendar id in SAP.
  • Description:  Update the descriptive text of the factory calendar.
  • Valid: Update the validity of the factory calendar i.e. from and to year.
  • Holiday calendar id: Assign the holiday calendar id to the factory calendar.
  • Workdays: Choose the working days of the factory calendar.

Once all the above-mentioned details are specified click the Save button to save the new configuration for Factory Calendar.


A message Factory Calendar ST was saved will be displayed on the taskbar of the SAP system implying that the new configuration of Factory Calaender has been saved successfully in the SAP system.

Calener St

You have successfully defined a new Factory Calendar ST in your SAP system.

How to Change Factory Calendar in SAP?

Please follow the steps below to change the factory calendar in SAP:

Execute t-code SCAL in the SAP command field.


Next to the SAP Calendar: Main Menu screen, select the option Factory Calendar and click on change icon.


Double-click and select the existing calendar that you want to modify.

Select to modify

Next on the Edit/Create screen you can modify the description, working days, and weekly schedule.

Click the Save button to confirm changes.