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DB 13 errros

26 Jun 2008 5:23 am || 1




    I have a test computer the details for which are
Oracle 9i -
SAP Version- 640
windows 2003 server( enterprise edition)

i was able to perform the DB13 activities ,but recentely now when i go for oupdate stats under DB13 ,i get this one index
to rebuid SAPECC.DDFTX~0 ,but i am not able to rebuild it and it give the following error on brtools ,why its asking to
rebuild the table space --

BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2008-06-18 14.49.34
BR1151I Starting online index rebuilding...
BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2008-06-18 14.49.34
BR0301E SQL error -8120 at location BrSqlExecute-1
ORA-08120: Need to create SYS.IND_ONLINE$ table in order to (re)build index
BR1017E Execution of SQL statement 'alter index "SAPECC"."DDFTX~0" rebuild online' failed

BR0669I Cannot continue due to previous warnings or errors - you can go back to
repeat the last action
BR0280I BRSPACE time stamp: 2008-06-18 14.49.34
BR0671I Enter 'b[ack]' to go back, 's[top]' to abort:

and also i am not able to perform check database on DB13 ,as it stops as soon as it starts without giving any details




  • 01 Jul 2008 5:49 pm
    I had the problem when I upgrdaed from to, and my DB13 stopped working. I ran the following scripts.

    Please also check the note number 400241 and 50088
    Let me know how you get on.

    Kind Regards