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Deactivate Fast Data Access (FDA) Optimization

21 May 2018 11:35 am || 0

How to Deactivate Fast Data Access (FDA) Optimization?

The user wants to deactivate the "Fast Data Access" optimization (FDA) in order to create a connection between the ABAP server and the SAP HANA database.

Preconditions for deactivating Fast Data Access (FDA):

You use an SAP Kernel with a Version 7.42 or later.
You use an SAP HANA client with Revision 80 or later.
You use an SAP HANA database with Revision 80 or later.


Fast Data Access optimization can be deactivated by setting the parameter rsdb/supports_fda_prot=0 in the instance profile of the ABAP server. This parameter can be set online.

If in case if the SAP HANA connection is a secondary connection, the parameter dbs/hdb/supports_fda_prot=0 must be set. Now in this scenario user needs to restart only ABAP server(s) and doesn't restart the SAP HANA database.

If the user is not unable to set the parameter in the ABAP server, the other solution is to change the database configuration with the SAP HANA Studio, for example. In the file indexserver.ini, change the key "fda_enabled" in the [session] section to the value "off". In this scenario, user needs to restart the ABAP server, but not the SAP HANA database. 

Note: This configuration is only processed correctly on the ABAP server when all SAP HANA database servers through which the ABAP server connects have the same configuration value for the fda_enabled parameter.