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Default Users and their Password for SAP 4.7 IDES

Default Users
Just as there is a default client, every installed R/3 System contains default users that have specific predefined authorizations

Client    User                         Default Password
000        SAP*                         06071992
000        DDIC                        19920706
001       SAP*                          06071992
001       DDIC                         19920706
066       EARLYWATCH        SUPPORT

If You try to delete the user SAP* and DDIC, the password is reset to the password in the R/3 kernel, PASS. The users themselves are retained. This is constitutes a gap in security.

To overcome this we user to Restrict the login on USER SAP*. Through SAP Profile Management


  • 30 Oct 2012 4:46 pm Rajendranath
    Can anybody let me know the default password for user id: sapuser, client 800 or 0?