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How to Delete send requests that have not expired

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How to Delete send requests that have not expired

When sending, the relevant application can set an expiry date.  The related send request is not deleted during the reorganization before this date has expired. No expiry date is set by default, which means that by default, send requests can be deleted after sending via reorganization without additional actions (if this is not prevented by other criteria).

In the results list for the report RSBCS_REORG (Reorganization of Documents and Send Requests), there are documents that cannot be deleted with the status "Expiry date not yet reached".

Implement the corrections using the Note Assistant or import the relevant Support Package.

This creates the report RSBCS_SREQ_EXPIRE in your system. This report determines send requests that have an expiry date that has not expired and initializes them. The send requests can then be deleted by the report RSBCS_REORG.

The report contains selection options for the creation date, created by, or the document title. In addition, the report can run in test mode to display the selected documents. You can also list either all selected documents or only the number of documents determined for each user. If your dataset is quite large, the latter option may be useful.

If all documents are listed, the system also displays the expiry date in each case in test mode. With this setting in the results list, you can also display each document by double-clicking it. With this, you can check the documents in more detail.


The report cannot determine whether the documents or send requests that were created by the application are still required by the application. Therefore, always start the report in test mode first and check the documents before you change the related send requests using the productive run because this cannot be reversed.
The report changes only the table BCST_SR. The expiry date is initialized there. The documents are only deleted when you run the report RSBCS_REORG.
Even after the run of RSBCS_SREQ_EXPIRE, send requests cannot be deleted in RSBCS_REORG because other criteria apply (for example, a document is in a folder). For more information, refer to the related notes.