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Difference between BADIs and Enhancement Spot.

Updated Dec 15, 2023

What is BADI?

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) enhancement serves as valuable additions to the standard SAP System, allowing customization for user-specific requirements not covered in the standard delivery. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries with unique needs, as it enables the incorporation of specialized functions into the software.

A key advantage of business add-ins is their foundation on a multi-level system landscape, encompassing SAP, country versions, IS solutions, partner, and customer levels. This contrasts with customer exits, which operate on a simpler two-level landscape (SAP, customer).

Enhancement Spots

Enhancement spots play a crucial role in managing explicit enhancement options. They contain information about the locations where enhancement options have been implemented, and one enhancement spot can oversee multiple enhancement options for a Repository object. Conversely, a single enhancement option can be associated with multiple enhancement spots.


Creating an explicit enhancement option involves defining an enhancement spot element during the processing of a Repository object. This definition is created at a point where applicable, and the enhancement option can be invoked at different points through enhancement spot element calls.

This combination of the enhancement spot element definition and corresponding calls constitutes the definition of an enhancement option. For example, in the ABAP Editor, explicit enhancement options can be defined using the ENHANCEMENT-POINT statement, serving as both the element definition and call in the process.