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Difference between RPO Credits and Job Board Credits

12 Mar 2018 7:14 am || 0

RPO Credit – is derived from your Recruiting Posting Account Manager – links to one broad casted job, quite independent of the number of job boards this has been posted on. A possible alteration of the requisition later does not subtract an additional RPO credit. User can view the number of remaining RPO credits in the top right corner of the interface menu bar. 

Job Board credit – This must be bought directly from a job board. Generally, one job board credit links to one broadcasted requisition on this job board. In the first step of broadcasting of a new job offer, the user can visualize the number of remaining credits for each job board along with in the “Manage job boards” tab (incase user has shared this information with RPO).

For instance : if user posts a job ad to 5 job boards, this will cost him one single RPO credit along with one credit on each job board which is not free.

User has to keep in mind that few job boards don’t work with credits but only with slots. This means that user buys a certain number of slots from this job board. 

Incase, the maximum number of active jobs on this job board has been achieved then user will be required to unpost a job or at least one job should expire before the user can broadcast another job ad on this job board.