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Difference between SAP HANA and Hadoop

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Difference between SAP HANA and Hadoop

SAP HANA vs Hadoop

Listed below are some of the major differences between SAP HANA and Hadoop, although both HANA and Hadoop are equally competitive, useful and offers the best to their customers, yet there are a few pointers on which either of them is superior to other. Let us examine these features:








SAP HANA is referred to as the in-memory technology. 

SAP HANA is more known as a platform which comes with inherent capabilities which allow a much faster and efficient processing from a standpoint of Big data and data is more real time and can be utilized for data analytics.

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Hadoop from Cloudera's is known as a big data solution. This provides the base 

Hadoop is well suited for data which is stored and unstructured. It is good for working on very large files and is tolerant to hardware and software failures.

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Databases being offered

SAP offers several database products which cross each other in both characteristics and usage area.

Huge amounts of data can be stored in Hadoop. This is ideally suited for storing data which is unstructured and very large files can be manipulated and is also known to be very tolerant to both hardware and software failures.

Data size

In SAP HANA, the unit of data size is very expensive and the speed at which data analysis is done is usually very fast data analysis.

With this kind of set up the option of not extracting data to another storage for analysis is done as that’s usually done with traditional OLTP databases which remove the expenses of integration with and support of yet another data mart.

In Hadoop, the size of the unit of data size is quite low.  This leads to exploring the door of analysing huge input data arrays, which were earlier ignored all because of the huge data size.

The speed of data analysis is quite low There is a lot of scope for improvement, which primarily requires adding more RAM to cluster, thus making the solution considerably more expensive.
Hadoop for mainly destined for data analysis and transformation (ETL)


SAP HANA for a higher-level and operational analysis. 

Hadoop is used as a tool for pre-processing and aggregation of very detailed data, 


SAP HANA is more simplified, provides coverage end to end data processing, and is optimized- used in the field of application processing

Hadoop scales it out for raw infinite data and is used in commodity hardware, doesn’t require anything special.


SAP HANA is vey costly.

Hadoop on the other free is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is download the free versions and install these. It can be stringed together on any random hardware.


Bluefin Solutions Ltd, SAP SE, Virtustream, Inc., SUCCESSFACTORS, INC, companies using SAP HANA.

 Lithium Technologies, LinkedIn, Facebook, Sprint, Oracle are some companies using Hadoop.