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Difference between SU24 and SU22

Updated Dec 22, 2023

SU22: Standard Value Maintenance

T-Code SU22 in SAP serves as a support utility that allows users to display and update standard values associated with authorization objects. It provides insights into SAP's predefined authorization settings, utilizing tables USOBT (Authorization Object Descriptions) and USOBX (Authorization Object Field Values).

SU24: Customer-Specific Values

Definition: T-Code SU24 complements SU22 by handling customer-specific values for authorization objects. The '_C' in the tables (USOBT_C and USOBX_C) indicates the 'Customer' dimension, emphasizing the storage of user-defined values tailored to specific business needs.

SU22 vs SU24: Key Differences 

  1. Tables Used:

    • SU22 operates with tables USOBT and USOBX, housing SAP standard values.
    • SU24 utilizes tables USOBT_C and USOBX_C, storing customer-specific values for authorization.
  2. Focus of Maintenance:

    • SU22 is primarily concerned with maintaining SAP's standard authorization configurations.
    • SU24 extends this functionality to accommodate customer-specific settings, allowing for business customization.
  3. Hierarchy and Relationship:

    • SU22 and SU24 share the same authorization objects, indicating a relationship where SU24 encompasses the capabilities of SU22.
    • This hierarchical relationship is akin to other SAP T-Code pairs like SU01 and SU10, where one serves as a superset of the other.