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Difference t-code KSU5 & t-code KEU5

Updated Dec 06, 2023

What is t-code  KSU5?

SAP transaction code KSU5 is employed for actual assessments within Cost Center Accounting and Activity-Based Costing. This process involves the allocation of both primary and secondary costs from one cost center to another or from cost centers to business processes.

The original cost elements are combined into secondary (assessment) cost elements, with sender and receiver information displayed in the Controlling document. Line items are recorded per sender and receiver, and the system automatically reverses and overwrites entries for repeated period-based allocations within a period.

For distribution and assessment from cost centers to business processes or from business processes to valid receivers, line items are written per sender and receiver.

The SAP system doesn't allow limiting the recording of line items. The posting date for actual allocation is the last day of the calendar month, while the posting date for plan allocation is the first day of the calendar month.

What is T-Code KEU5?

SAP transaction code KEU5 is specifically designed for actual assessments from cost centers or business processes to a Profitability Segment.

This transaction involves the use of both allocation and transfer structures, requiring the specification of a value field for posting assessed costs and defining the Profitability Segment Group (PSG).

Notably, the transfer of period costs to Profitability Analysis affects Profit Center Accounting only if the "Profit center" characteristic is specified in Profitability Analysis. If left blank, the transfer is not reflected.