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How does report RSPO0041 work?

27 Apr 2011 7:48 am || 0

Report RSPO0041 is used to tidy up the spool database and to delete old spool requests. This must be done regularly in the productive system, as the spool database may only contain 32000 spool requests .

Report RSPO0041 can be started via Transactions SE38 or SA38. In the spool administration, there is the menu point Delete out-of-date spool requests. This also calls report RSPO0041, but the selection screen is slightly different and does not have as many entry options.

Firstly, enter the client in which the spool requests should be deleted. You can also use * to delete spool requests in all clients.
Next is a field with the title 'All out-of-date spool requests'. This field refers to the Expiration date of the spool requests. All spool requests are deleted whose expiration date is passed and which are not being processed any more. The expiration date is set when generating spool requests, and has a default value of eight days after creation of the spool request. Transaction SP01 allows you to change the expiration date of a spool request.
A block of three fields is generated. All fields refer to the Creation date of the spool request.
The upper field shows how old the spool requests must be to be deleted if one of the next two fields is marked.
If the middle field is selected, only spool requests which are older than the entered value and which have been printed successfully at least once, are deleted (and have been archived with the Hot Package mentioned here).
When you select the lower field, all spool requests older than the given value (all spool requests with minimum age) are deleted.
The following block of three checkboxes controls processing of the report.
The most important of these fields is the bottom one. If it is checked, no spool requests are deleted, but a log is generated to show what would be deleted.
The point Log everything makes sure that everything the report does is logged. This is set automatically if Only log without deletion is selected.
The field COMMIT all ... spool requests makes sure that the report sends a COMMIT to the database. This is done to stop the database rollback segments overflowing if a lot of very large spool requests are deleted. This can be prevented by reducing this value. However, this field is only effective as of Release 3.0, due to a programming error.