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How does a Typical Crash Dump Analysis look like in SAP HANA?

08 Jun 2015 2:49 pm || 0

Please have a look at the following CRASH_SHORTINFO and CRASH_STACK section of a crash dump for example

Based on the information marked yellow we can already draw some conclusions:

The crash was caused by a thread accessing a file in the DATA area asynchronously.
The file name is datavolume_0000.dat.
The error accessing this file was an "Input/output error".
As a consequence the thread and the whole service crashed due to signal 6 (SIGABRT).
An input / output error in this context indicates that the file was (temporarily) not accessible or the connection was interrupted.
The likeliest area of the root cause is a layer below SAP HANA, like hardware or operating system.
One other explanation for this kind of input / output error can be found in SAP  2062631 (ping-pong situation).