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How to Downloading SAP Support patches with Steps

13 Sep 2010 11:07 am || 0

SAP software download from the Service Marketplace Software Center 1 you want to download patches for SAP software components. Where can I find which patches?

Download via sapserv

SAP does not support the download of certain patch types via sapserv anymore. Use the Software Center on the SAP Service Marketplace for the download of kernel patches, frontend patches and ITS patches.
For the time being, you can still download 3rd Party patches and projects from sapserv.

Download via SAP Software Distribution Center

You can download patches of SAP components from the SAP Service Marketplace Software Distribution Center via the Internet:

You can also access area "SAP Maintenance" (which contains Support Packages and Binary Patches) within the Software Center directly via


The selection of the patches is made via the hierarchical product catalog on the right navigation bar. Select

* Your product

* Your product version

* The patch type (Support Package for ABAP components or Binary Patches for "Non-ABAP components"

* The software component

* For Binary Patches you can find an additional selection for the specifications of a component, for example the operating system

Additional information on certain patch types

* Support Packages

Note 83458 provides additional information.

* Kernel Patches

You can find additional information on SAP kernel patches in Notes 19466 (for Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX) and 49365 (AS/400).

* Frontend Patches

Note 96885 includes additional information on Frontend patches.

* ITS Patches

You can find additional information on SAP ITS patches in Notes 331407 and 335521.

* 3rd Party Patches

Under -> Third Party Maintenance you can find corrections of external manufacturers (for example of databases).Because this area is still under construction, you can still access 3rd Party Patches via sapserv (Directories general/3rdparty/) for an interoperation time.

Download Manager

The Java-based Download Manager automates the download of a larger number of files. It provides the following functions:

* Download basket for the administration of the files provided for the download

* Support of Microsoft Windows and UNIX-platforms

* Downloads can be scheduled as "Background jobs" at night or on the weekend

* Interrupted downloads can be restarted again at the same location

You can download the Download Manager under

Select "Get Download Manager" and note the installation guide.
Note the section concerning the troubleshooting at the end of the installation guide for the solution of problems which might occur.

Simplification of the navigation: save favorites

If you frequently need the same patch type from a certain folder, you can simplify the navigation on the Service Marketplace by means of favorites (analog to the "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" with Web browsers):

* Navigate to the required folder

* Save this folder as a favorite:Select "Add to favorites" next to the navigation bar.

* The system displays a new window.Enter a name of the new favorites (for example, "Kernel Patches 4.6D LINUX_32") and save the favorite.

You can access your saved favorites via your personalized homepage "MyPage" on the Service Marketplace.

Help in case of download problems

1. The browser does not store the contents of files but displays them

Make the following settings at your local WINDOWS Explorer (not the Internet Explorer!):

Menu: --> View --> Options

"Tab string" file types

Button: New type

Description: carfile

Assigned extension: car

Content type (MIME): application/x-car

Standard extension for contents type: .car

[x] Open after download (confirm)

2. Problems when accessing the SAP Service Marketplace

Refer to Note 81069