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Error 'Gateway not connected to local R/3'

08 Aug 2016 11:48 am || 0

Error 'Gateway not connected to local R/3' in Standalone Gateway Gateway trace file(dev_rd)

If ABAP program is running direct on the ASCS instance where the Standalone Gateway is running, generally will get the "Gateway not connected to local R/3" error because On the host there is no R/3 System (Dispatcher and Workprocess) where the Standalone Gateway is running and the gateway could not connect to the local R/3.

1: Please configure Standalone Gateway correctly according to SAP 1010990.

2: Standalone Gateway is designed in such way to handle the programs that act like an RFC-server.
One should need a RFC Destination to an ABAP System to register any program to the gateway.
One should configure the RFC destination to the ABAP system through the HA Gateway as below:

^^^                                                    ^^^
RFC client                                     RFC server

On the SYSTEM-A side:

Please follow the below steps to configure the RFC destination.

Target system settings: <SYSTEM-B>

Gateway settings:  <Standalone Gateway>

If SYSTEM-A is not a ABAP system,

You can find out which program are being directed to the standalone gateway and then try to configure it as above.