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Find Any T-Code in SAP

In this SAP tutorial, you will learn how to find any SAP t-code using t-code SE16T and SE11. There are two methods to find out any t-code first is by using t-code SE16T or the second method is by using t-code SE11

We will go through a step-by-step process of both methods ie:

  • Use SE16T (Central Access for Search Functions).
  • Use T-code SE11 (ABAP Data Dictionary).

1) Use SE16T to Find Any T-Code

Please follow the steps below to find any t-code using transaction SE16T:

On SAP Easy Access screen execute t-code SE16T in the SAP command field.


A Central Access for Search Functions screen opens up

Central Access

Next on the left side expand Find Transactions and click on Execute Function

Execute Function


Now on the right side, a view opens up with a search bar (Transaction Search Term).

Next in the search bar enter the search term, for example, material management, and press Enter key.


You will get a list of all t-codes and their descriptions appear that are related to your search term displayed on your screen.

list of t-code

2) Use T-code SE11 to Find Any T-Code

Please follow the steps below to find the t-code using transaction SE11:

On the SAP Easy Access, screen execute t-code SE11 in the SAP command field.


A screen Data Browser: Initial Screen opens up.

In the Table Name field enter TSTCT as shown in the image below and press Enter.

Data browser

Next on the Data Browser: Table TSTCT: Selection Screen select the language and click the Execute button


The TSTCT table contains all t-code present in your SAP system.

list of t-codes

Note: A user can search for any t-code using SE16’s input fields.