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GTI (Golden Tax Interface) Interview Questions & Answers

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GTI (Golden Tax Interface) Interview Questions & Answers

GTI (Golden Tax Interface) FAQs

Q-1) If it is still necessary to activate FIN_LOC_CI_1, FIN_LOC_CI_9 and FIN_LOC_CI_26 in order to enable GTI functionality?

Ans) Yes, we still need to activate this three function before using GTI.

Q-2) According to SAP document 2227963 there are many t-codes about GTI are obsolete such as GT_DLN but we can't find the replacement 'AC_IDGT_INBOUND'.

Ans) Transaction codes such as GT_DL, GT_DLN, etc in S/4 HANA systems are obsolete. They have been replaced by Web Dynpro instead of reports. The listed AC_IDGT_* are FPM Application Configurations instead of transaction codes.

Q-3) Does the configuration guide in SAP document 1868902 is also applicable for S/4 HANA system?

Ans) Yeah it is applicable in S/4 HANA

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