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HANA Runtime Dumps Flavours

07 Sep 2017 12:14 pm || 0

Flavours of SAP HANA Runtime dumps are:

  • Classic
  • Memory
  • Savepoint
  • Index handle waits
  • Page corruption
Flavor File name Details
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.trc
  • <service>_<host>_<port>_runtimedump_<timestamp>.trc

These standard runtime dumps can be created in different situations:

  • Manually via "runtimedump dump" in hdbcons
  • Manually via SAP HANA Studio -> "Administration" -> "Diagnosis Files" -> "Diagnosis Information" -> "Collect"
  • Implicitly as part of a full system info dump
  • Automatically via SAP HANASitter

Per default the file name contains 'rtedump', but the runtime dumps generated implicitly as part of the full system info dump may follow other naming conventions (including upper / lower case variations, other timestamp format and other mixture of "." and "_") and include "runtimedump" instead.

  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.oom.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.after_oom_cleanup.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.compositelimit_oom.trc
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.oom_memory_release.trc
This runtime dumps variations are connected to various memory issues such as overall out-of-memory situation or a database request having reached the statement memory limit.
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.savepoint_blocked.trc

Generated when blocking savepoint phase exceeds the configured blocked savepoint threshold:

indexserver.ini -> [persistence] -> runtimedump_for_blocked_savepoint_timeout = <seconds>


Index handle waits
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.indexhandle_blocked.trc

This runtime dump is generated when wait for an index handle takes longer than defined with the following parameter (SAP HANA >= 2.00.010):

indexserver.ini -> [indexmgr] -> dump_wait_seconds = <seconds>

Page corruption
  • <service>_<host>.<port>.rtedump.<timestamp>.page.trc
This runtime dump variation is generated when a persistence inconsistency is recognized.