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How can I automatically upload data to SAP, and How can I download some data to Excel or other popular files.

14 Aug 2007 4:49 am || 1

Answer 1

SAP Download and SAP Upload are the more popular keywords around SAP in the search engines.

SAP upload: if you have hundreds of materials to create or to modify, the solutions available are:

  • Build a program in ABAP.

  • Use one SAP tool called LSMW (Legacy Systems Migration Workbench).

  • Use one internal test tool called CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool).

  • Use some easy to use third party tools such as Z Option, EzySolutions from Gesix, WinShuttle, or DSM ERP from EPI-USE.

  • For some business objects, use the SAP mass maintenance transactions such as MASS or MM17

  • If SAPGui scripting is enabled, the user can "script" an upload / modify job by looping through say an Excel table with vbscript.
    See HOWTO:Use_Script_Recording_and_Playback_to_automate_user_updates. Requires a medium level of skill to edit a recorded script .

  • Use the GUIXT tool from Synactive Inc. with the InputAssistant add-on (expensive!)

The SAP internal solutions are usually not available to end users, and require some strong technical knowledge.

Answer 2

To download from SAP to Excel:

Many SAP reports have direct download function to EXCEL.
SAP Query and SAP QuickViewer are excellent tools for Downloading (BvdR AO).
Transaction SE16N allows you to access any sap table and download result to Excel
SAP RFC functions can be called directly from Excel / VBA.
Use transaction BAPI in SAP to find your business object and study the function.

If you know the SAP table the RFC RFC_READ_TABLE offers a SQL query of the table
Trouble is .. you can not use joins here. you have to put the join in as a query in the SAP database and use the query in RFC_READ_TABLE
To upload data from Excel into SAP:

Some of the Business functions (BAPI's / RFC unctions) offer data upload
The general tool in SAP for data upload is the Batch input / call transactons
In the batch input file you specify screen by screen and field by field the input to SAP. SAP has a recorder to create the sample file. Just run trans SHDB and within this trans you run a case of the changes you want to do. On exit of the trans you will have a batch input file that you can download and from excel manipulate the file before you call the RFC function RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION.

Did I say it was easy ? No , not really , but it's a set of very powerful tools there if you take your time to study them. Our company would not manage without them.

[Edit section] Commercial Tools
For SAP downloads directly to Excel try the SAP Data Downloader MS Access application. You can download the demo version from Opal Software Solutions.

For GL entries, see GLSU from Z Option

See also TxShuttle

Answer 3

Use FM "ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE" using this fm we can upload excel to internal table

Answer 4

To Download data from a Structure to MS Access use the "MS Access Interface"

This is a Standard SAP interface, which is used to transfer structures and data between R/3 and Microsoft Access.

The four main features available with this interface are

a) Download R/3 structures to MS Access.
b) Download R/3 table data to MS Access.
c) Upload materials from MS Access tables to a network in R/3.
d) Upload confirmations from MS Access tables to a network in R/3.


  • 20 Jul 2008 6:39 pm
    Be aware that manipulating the database directly will raisse a lot of questitons about compliance!